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Supports most audio and video formats available Synthesis and segregation of colors with the best possible scenarios Simultaneous editing of audio and video Edit while playing media Supports many features like 4: Motion Tracking: This excellent feature enables us to track conveniently any object in our video and apply filters of our choice or special effects on them with ease!
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Serial Vegas Pro 8.0

Terms of use. Similar to Vegas 7 I was very impressed with the overall stability of the Vegas Pro 8 tool suite when working on highly complex video projects involving a dozen or so audio and video tracks. I also tested Sony Cinescore 1. Sony is offering a Vegas Pro 8 bundle that includes Cinescore and 2 theme packs through Oct The installation is professionally done and is a breeze taking about 25 minutes.

A serial number card is included for convenience during the install. The installation requires Microsoft. NET Framework 3. Media Manager 2. In version 7 this was reversed. You can also change it back if you prefer it the other way. Media generators include credit rolls, text, solid colors, test patterns, noise texture, checkerboard, and color gradient.

This tool can be used with phrases, words, and even at the character level. Some of the animations include character fly-ins, advanced curves, shadows, glows, blurs, and gradients. An interesting movie theater type effect is the fly through effect which uses multiple levels of 3D motion on 4 video tracks. If you have an external display you can configure it to work with this button. Well done, Sony! Interactive tutorials are available on the Help menu and are helpful for completing various tasks such as adding a title to your project timeline.

Some of the tutorial categories include basics, audio, video and still images, text and backdrops, and projects. Scripting is handy for automating repetitive tasks and can be run from the Tools menu. Vegas extensions are actually compiled scripts that use the. Created scripts can also be accessed via the Edit, View, and Tools extensions menus. This accesses the Sony website which serves as your content connection to Sony partners including Artbeats, Sony Media Software, Shockwavesound.

This is a very cool feature indeed! Editing tools include the selection, sizing, navigation, and keyframe tools which can be accessed from the Edit menu or by clicking on the corresponding button in the workspace panel. Very slick and Sony even allows you to import Adobe Photoshop files! Video workspace overlays are very useful for checking your project prior to mastering. The Cinescore timeline includes 4 main tracks for video, audio, generated music i.

Themes represent a collection of related musical ideas, are typically loop-based, and include a variety of variation presets. Theme variation presets share characteristics such as key, tempo, and melody. Each theme has one or more sections and moods, and for each mood you can select from a variety of arrangements. Advanced parameter controls include section, mood, arrangement, intensity, tempo. You can also set the ending as normal, fade out gradual , loop, or abrupt.

Theme variation presets include starting section i. You should also note that the sections and moods available to select from vary by theme. Intensity setting reflects the density of the music i. This is to prevent drastic tempo changes that will distort the overall sound. Hints are markers that indicate change i.

To add a hint double click the location on the hints bar above the timeline in the Generated Music dialog. Each of these theme packs includes 10 themes. A breeze to install each of these theme packs installed in about 5 minutes each. Some interesting themes and variations listed below: UK Seoul electronic piano, percussive, brassy, and funky variations: Windy city horns.

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