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The wake feature simply works via another computer using TeamViewer within the local network or via a router. With an established authentication app e. Google Authenticator , you can simply generate a security code with your smartphone. Both the code and the password are requested during login. TeamViewer 9 Crack is also optimized for those operating systems.
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If the place of purchase or your main seat or residence is located in the USA, South America, or Canada, our contractual agreement shall be subject to the provisions of the End User License Agreement under B.

Section 1 General provisions 1. General content of the contract 1. Parties and subject matter. Accordingly, subject to the terms and conditions of this EULA, TeamViewer may provide Customer with i certain software that enables the remote maintenance of computers and the performance of online meetings including diverse features. The Software is installed on computers of the Customer as well as Software that may be accessed and used via browser and apps for mobile terminals e.

Regulation sections. Formation and content of the contract. A paid contract pursuant to this EULA shall be formed, if i the Customer consummates the web-based order process on the TeamViewer website www. Details regarding the contract e. No deviating provisions. This Contract, including all Orders hereto, contains the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof, and supersedes all proposals, understandings, representations, warranties, covenants, and any other communications whether written or oral between the parties relating thereto and is binding upon the parties and their permitted successors and assigns.

Any inconsistent or conflicting terms and conditions contained in any purchase order or similar instrument of Customer shall be of no force or effect, even if the purchase order or similar instrument is accepted by TeamViewer.

Electronic commerce obligations. If the Customer is an entrepreneur as defined by sec. Test period. If the Order provides for a test period, the Customer may terminate this Contract and its Order for the Software within seven 7 days of the expiration of said test period.

In such case Customer shall be provided with a refund of any prepaid, unused fees if any paid to TeamViewer for the applicable Software that is subject to the test period.

If the Customer is a Consumer according to Section 3. This may be done informally and without giving reasons by e-mail to sales. Product specification and activation of the Software 2. Product specification. Only this Product Specification shall be relevant to the contractually agreed quality and features of the Software and the Server Services; any other oral or written statements of TeamViewer shall not be relevant.

Some features and functions of the Software or Services provided by TeamViewer may include or depend on certain third party products and services all of which may be subject to changes by such third parties. Accordingly, such features and functions may be modified or limited.

No guarantees. Provision and activation. TeamViewer shall provide the Software to the Customer for electronic download. In the case of a paid usage of TeamViewer, following the date that the parties enter into the Contract, the Customer shall receive a license key which the Customer will need to enter into the Software. Once the license key has been entered, the rights of use rights and functionalities of the paid version in accordance with this Contract shall be available to the Customer.

Software rights of use 3. Non-exclusive right of use. TeamViewer herewith grants the Customer the non-exclusive, worldwide subject to applicable export regulations; unless the Customer is expressly granted a limited right to use the license only in a specific territory during the order process , non-transferrable and not sub-licensable right to install, run and use the Software on Customers computers within the limits of the scope of use specified in the Order and this EULA.

Notwithstanding the aforesaid, Customer shall be entitled to sublicense the Software in accordance with scope of Software functions channel grouping.

Term of use. Scope of use. The scope of the granted rights and the admissible scope of use e. Unless expressly agreed otherwise, the following Customers shall only be granted the right for private use: Additional restrictions of the admissible scope of usage shall be specified in the Order. Prohibition of use exceeding the contractual scope of use. Any use of the Software exceeding the contractually agreed scope of usage is expressly prohibited.

Source code. The rights of use granted shall not include any rights to the source code of the Software. Modification and decompilation. The rights granted pursuant to this Contract shall not include any rights to the modification or decompilation of the Software. This shall not affect the Customer’s statutory rights, in particular pursuant to sec. Markings of the Software, in particular, copyright notices, brands, serial number or similar must not be removed, modified or rendered illegible.

Provision to third parties. The Customer shall not be entitled to give or provide the Software to third parties beyond the intended use; in particular, the Customer shall not be entitled to sell the Software. This does not affect 3. Reservation of rights. As between the parties, TeamViewer retains all right, title and interest in and to the Software and any updates thereto provided by TeamViewer and in all copies, modifications and derivative works of the Software including, without limitation, all rights to patent, copyright, trade secret, trademark and other proprietary or intellectual property rights.

Program locks. TeamViewer may in its sole discretion but shall not be obligated to technically design the functionality of the Software and the Server Services in such a way that the admissible scope of use cannot be exceeded by Customer.

Server Services and other services provided by TeamViewer 4. Server Services. In addition, it may be necessary for the transmission of data in the context of a session e.

TeamViewer is willing to provide Customer with the respective Server Services. The Server Services may be unavailable from time to time due to technical difficulties or due to causes beyond the reasonable control of TeamViewer. The Internet connection between the Customer and the data center as well as the required hardware and software e.

The respective costs shall be borne by Customer. Installation, configuration. The Customer shall be solely responsible for the installation and configuration of the Software. TeamViewer is not responsible for any installation or configuration.

This shall not affect any statutory warranty claims of the Customer. The documentation is available under link. As between the parties, TeamViewer retains all right, title and interest in and to such documentation and in all copies, modifications and derivative works thereof including, without limitation, all rights to patent, copyright, trade secret, trademark and other proprietary or intellectual property rights.

Minor updates. TeamViewer may, at its sole discretion, elect to provide Customer with free minor updates of the Software for download. Minor updates may be marked by TeamViewer – in its sole discretion – by a change in the number behind the main version number e. Minor updates may include the correction of errors as well as minor improvements of functions e. TeamViewer shall have no obligation to provide minor updates to Customer; provided, however, that if TeamViewer does elect to provide minor updates to Customer then the Customer shall be obligated to integrate the current update of the Software at its own cost into the then current version of the Software in use by Customer.

This shall not affect any warranty claims of the Customer. All rights of use set forth herein that are applicable to the Software shall also apply to all minor updates.

Major updates. Major updates of the Software are new versions of the Software, usually comprising more extensive modifications of the functions. Major updates may be marked by TeamViewer – in its sole discretion – by a change of the main version number e. TeamViewer shall not be obligated to provide any major updates to Customer. In the event that TeamViewer elects to provide any major updates to Customer, TeamViewer may require the Customer to pay an additional fee for use of such major updates to the extent Customer elects to license such major update.

Programming interfaces. TeamViewer may change or switch off APIs at any time without any obligation or liability to Customer. The respective provider shall be responsible for the Third-party Software. The provisions of this Contract shall not apply to any such Third-party Software and TeamViewer shall have no liability for any Third-party Software. Telephone conference number. If, in the context of its services, TeamViewer provides a telephone conference number for dialing in as an alternative to the audio conference function of the Software, the provider of the respective telecommunication service and not TeamViewer shall be the owner of the telephone connection of the respective number.

The use of the telephone conference number shall be subject to a separate fee and is not included in the user fee pursuant to this Contract.

If applicable, the invoicing shall be performed by the telephone provider of the participant. Changes to the services. TeamViewer may change the Software in the context of updates as well as the Server Services including the system requirements for good cause. Such a good cause shall exist especially if the change is required due to i a necessary adaptation required by applicable law, ii changed technical framework conditions new encryption standards , or iii the protection of the system security.

Obligations and duties of the Customer 5. Lawful usage. The Customer shall use the Software and the Server Services only in accordance with the provisions of this Contract and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in connection with such use. When using the Software and Server Services, the Customer shall, in particular, comply with all applicable data protection and export control provisions.

Export control. The Customer shall not use the Software in a country and shall not send, transfer or export it to a country or to person if this violates the export provisions of the European Union or the United States or if this is in any way prohibited in accordance with the Common Foreign and Security Policy of the EU or with U.

By using the Software, the Customer confirms that it is not in such a country, does not have its domicile in such a country and is not under the control of such a country. The Customer shall assume full responsibility for the use of the Software in this regard. System requirements.

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It provides a way in which everyone can discuss online meeting and much more. Hundred and millions of people can download this software at every access of time, so it is very popular for Windows, mobile, tablets, and Mac. You can download this for the private and business purpose. Its offer unique fundamental approach and broad spectrum.

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