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What’s Sequel

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If you are a current Sequel user and are updating Sequel: Review the ReadMe document for changes that may affect your environment. This document is part of the Instruction Package available via the ‘Download the Product Instruction Package’ link on the download page. Make sure that there are no users in any Sequel menus and displays, no Sequel jobs running in batch, and there are no active Viewpoint jobs. If you are updating from Sequel 8.

If your current version is less than 8. If you currently use Sequel Follow step 3 if you currently use Sequel Web Interface. Overview The overall installation and configuration process requires the following steps: Referring to the Unified Server Installation Instructions unified server installation. Complete all the Unified Server installation steps. Complete the configuration steps for the Skybot Server server only.

Continue with the remaining steps in this document: Read the following steps carefully to proceed. Double-click it to start it. On the Choose Components panel, select which components you want to install. Click Start to continue. If you select the Manuals component, they will be installed in the following location.

Select or enter the IBM i where you want to load Sequel. This profile will be used to restore and copy objects, and for product maintenance on the IBM i.

Optional In the Advanced Settings section: Enter a port number or use the arrows if you want to change the FTP port number to something other than the default of The default FTPS secure port is , but it can be changed to the required secure port for your environment. In the Timeout seconds field, enter the number of seconds the session should be kept active during an FTP transfer.

You can choose anywhere between 25 and seconds 30 minutes. If the transfer takes longer than the amount of time specified, the session will expire. Click Next. You have two options on the Product Load Options panel: If you plan to install Skybot, or override any install defaults, you must use Staged Load to ensure proper configuration.

The Product Load Progress panel for Sequel launches. When the processing is complete, you have two choices: If you have more installations on other IBM i systems, click Restart. Then, return to step 3.

If the Product Load Progress panel ends with an overall Failed message, the product upload could not complete properly. To find the reason the upload or install failed, click View Logs and review your logs. You can also use Download at the top of the logs to save the information for future review.

Loading Staged Objects on the IBM i If you chose to stage your objects using step 4b of the installation or update process , do the following to manually load them on the IBM i you identified above. At a command line, enter the following to display the Work with Loads panel: Option 1 if you are installing Skybot, or overriding any install defaults. Option 4 to delete the save file associated with the product.

Esend will always be included as part of a new install or update of Sequel. For first-time Sequel installs you will have the option to not include the Sequel Web Interface and the Viewpoint Repository. If SWI or the Repository already exist on the system, they will always be included as part of an update of Sequel.

After a series of status messages, the Sequel Installation panel displays. This install panel is used for both first time installation or updating your existing version. Specify the installation options you want to use, and press Enter: Install interactively or in batch – Select one of the following: Run Interactively – This is the default.

Enter the library and job description to run the install in batch. Sequel Product library – Enter the name of the library where you want to install Sequel. If you use the Viewpoint client and are installing a second copy of Sequel, you must change the Viewpoint Product Library default to specify which host library version to use with Viewpoint.

Esend Product library – Enter the name of the library where you want to install Esend. If you are not installing the Deployment Bundle, leave this value blank. For Upgrades: Report Title Information – Enter your company name here. This will populate the default company name value for the Sequel host Report Writer.

This option is not available during an upgrade. When the installation completes a screen displays showing the products installed. Be sure to apply all Sequel license keys at this time. The Viewpoint program on the PC does not need an authorization code.

You must download the software from the Your Account page on our website to install a new version, or update your current version of Viewpoint. For trial installs: Be sure to select and download the Crystal Reports zip file. Sign on as an Administrator to the PC, extract the Crystal Reports zip file to a work folder, and run the setup.

Only do this for users who will be designing Client Reports. For non-Client Report designers, skip to step 3 to install Viewpoint. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Crystal Reports installation.

Crystal Reports must be installed before Viewpoint. Also, you will be prompted to enter a Product Keycode to complete the Crystal Reports installation. Contact your sales representative to obtain your keycode before you install. If you select the Administrator component, you will be prompted to provide a password. Contact a support representative to obtain the password before you install. Follow the remaining on-screen instructions to complete the Viewpoint installation.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Viewpoint installation. You must be registered on the IBM Entitled Software site with authorization for software downloads to gain access to the downloads pages.

In a browser, open the link: Enter log-in information and sign in. Click My Entitled Software in the upper left corner of page. Click Software Downloads. Select Operating System ie. IBM i. Select Operating Release ie. V7R1, V7R2,.. Click on Continue. Click on Continue at bottom of page.

Software Requirements and Notes

Download Steinberg is one of the most important companies within the music technology industry. This German company, famous due to products like Cubase, Nuendo and Wavelab, now offers Sequel, an audio sequencer where you will find all the tools necessary to create music. Unlike other sequencers, Sequel tries to be a software application that is easy to use with which you can make music without complex procedures. You will even be able to compose without any knowledge thanks to its 5, audio loops and the more than instrument presets that are available.

VIDEO: Steinberg Sequel 3

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