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Reviewed by Pete Daniel on 3 Oct “Start and deliver winning projects” Microsoft Project Professional is designed to be one of the best software tools for managing projects. The tool uses project charts to bring different details of a project together. Tight integration with Office and SharePoint enable the user to share conversations, status, timelines on a dedicated project site. Skype for Business is also integrated to make it simpler to call up someone on the project to answer a question. There are project templates which allows new users to get to grips with the software more quickly.
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Microsoft Project 2016 x64 Pro VL Free Download [455 MB Full]

Microsoft’s software offers project-planning and project-tracking tools to help you and your teammates track deadlines, keep an eye on budgets, and monitor your project’s progress. Pros Templates: Project comes with a collection of templates to help start planning and tracking your project. You can customize Project’s existing templates or start with a blank one if you can’t find one to fit your needs. Templates include software development, Agile project management, earned value, construction, new business plan, annual report, marketing campaign, merger or acquisition, Six Sigma, and customer service.

You can also import data from Microsoft Excel or SharePoint to create a template. Gantt charts: Project gives you a visual snapshot of your projects with Gantt charts. A Gantt bar chart lets you quickly see how the various tasks of your project are progressing and view the relationships between tasks as well as the status of your project schedule. Project lets you create a new single or recurring task, summary and subtasks, task dependencies, and two tasks to show their relationship.

You can adjust timeline units to zoom into and out of a project’s timeline. You can also have control over the formatting of charts and can change the color, shape, height, and pattern of Gantt bars; add text; and display task names. Generate reports: Project comes with a collection of predefined reports to let you quickly view the progress of your project, check costs, and see how your resources are allocated.

Dashboard reports include burndown charts, cost overview, upcoming tasks, and work overview. Resource reports include overallocated resources and resource overview. Cost reports encompass cash flow, cost overruns, earned value reports, resource cost overview, and task cost overview. Progress reports cover critical tasks, late tasks, milestone reports, and slipping tasks.

If one of the predefined reports isn’t showing what you need, Project comes with report templates to help you build a custom report with charts, tables, or side-by-side charts to show the status of a project, and past and upcoming milestones. For any report, you can change the data, tweak the look of the report, and convert an existing report into a template to use with future projects.

You can view your project activities in timelines and, at a glance, view everything from tasks to milestones. You can customize timelines for any data you choose and share with other team members or stakeholders.

Run Project locally: Or use Project in the cloud: Extensible through Microsoft’s Partner network: Microsoft designed Project for portfolio and resource management as well as project management and has solutions for financial services, professional services, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, government, and energy, including oil and gas.

Cons Pricey: Running Project can get expensive quickly. If you are running a smaller project or work in a small organization, other project-management tools may be a better fit.

Bottom Line Microsoft Project is a powerful Windows and cloud-based project-planning and project-management tool that lets team members plan, organize, and manage projects and track budgets and resources.

Its power comes with a price, however, so if you’re part of a smaller company, you may find another project-management tool a better financial fit. What do you need to know about free software?

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By Rebecca Gibson on 01 October Microsoft has made Project , its enterprise project and resource management tool, generally available. Project managers can now use the Resource Engagements tool to systematically request a resource from the resource manager, who can approve or reject it easily via a simple workflow. The project manager will always have an up-to-date view of the status of their requests from within Project Professional or Project Pro for Office In addition, the new Capacity heat maps and intuitive reports allow resource managers to visualise the capacity of their resources, preventing under- or over- use of individual resources.

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Professional Services · Information Services · Software downloads; Microsoft Office Project Professional – Windows (bit). About. Microsoft Office Project. Students get Office Professional Plus at no cost, exclusively from with Microsoft for this offer – please feel free to contact if you . This document describes the installation of Microsoft Project for Office ProPlus. Please check your version of Office as described here.

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