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Hi, Thanks for continued support with Akai! Though the Advance does not have any presets for Pro Tools control, you will still have full control over the VIP software as a plugin. I have not seen any trouble with Advance or VIP combined with any audio interface or relating to any OS in particular, so you should be perfectly fine on your current system. The processor should be ok as well, as long as it’s a multi-core. You will not need to install any additional drivers though there are some installed with the VIP package, one installer for all included software.
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Pro Tools 11

Please Note: Products released after March 29, will not be added to the v9. Check our Release Notes for specific information. If you are trying to load your Waves plugins in Pro Tools 10 but you cannot find them, follow these instructions in order to make the plugins available. Go to: If the plugins you are looking for are not in the above folder, follow these steps: Quit Pro Tools.

Download the Waves Central v9. Unzip the folder to your desktop. Launch Waves Central: In the middle panel, select the products you wish to install. Click on Install. Launch Pro Tools with a supported sample rate and see if your plugins are now available.

Activated licenses will appear in the middle column. If your licenses are not activated, activate your licenses. Rescan for Plugins If the plugin software is correctly installed and your licenses are activated to your computer or to a connected USB device, perform a rescan: Launch Pro Tools while holding down the [Shift] Key. Keep it held down until the Waves Preferences window pops up.

If prompted to Locate the Waves Plugins Folder, direct to: Go to C: Launch Pro Tools, create a new session with a supported sample rate , add a track and load your Waves plugins.

If prompted to Locate the Waves plugins folder, direct to C: If everything then works properly, you can delete Installed plug-ins from your desktop.

Launch Pro Tools, create a fresh session with a supported sample rate , add a track and see if the issue persists. None of the above worked? Please contact Waves Tech Support. How to find Your Plugins in Protools 11 and up: If the plugins you are looking for are not there, install the plugins by following the instructions in this link. Step 2 — Rescan for Plugins If the relevant plugin files are in the above folders, perform a rescan: Once the rescan is done, create a new project with a supported sample rate , add a track and load your Waves plugins.

Minimum requirements

However, the culmination of all of these new technologies comes at the expense of backwards compatibility. Unless you’re an HDX, HD Native, or completely native user, the upgrade to Pro Tools 11 for you could be larger and more expensive than it will be for others. The situation regarding toolkits has often been prone to confusion, especially because since the release of Pro Tools 8, as you may know, it’s been possible to run both the software-only version of Pro Tools and the Pro Tools HD application on computers without Avid audio hardware. This means that the cost to access HD features becomes significantly higher with Pro Tools And, disappointingly, you don’t seem to be able to purchase an HD Native system unbundled from an audio interface that you may or may not need if you just want the licence.


System Software: (bit) Windows 7 or 8 Home Premium, Professional, or Ultimate edition with Windows 7 Service Pack 1. Pro Tools HD 11 does not support. Buy Avid Pro Tools 11 (with DVDs) -Channel Audio Software: Computer Avid- qualified Mac or PC; Mac OS X Mountain Lion () or Windows 7 or 8 Home. Pro Tools First comes with the second generation line of Scarletts. Please follow site.lamtsev.ru 3. The last item on site.lamtsev.ru 8. Create or sign in to your iLok Account.

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