Parallels makes Windows apps work with your MacBook’s TouchBar

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Version 14 focuses less on whiz-bang new features and instead wisely focuses on where it counts: Under-the-hood performance improvements. In this case, they have good reason to boast—on my Mac, the software launches in under five seconds flat. Since Mac owners do rely on Parallels Desktop to run one or more flavors of Windows on their preferred OS, a lot of energy this time around has been devoted to enhancements on this front. Windows VMs now start up to 35 percent faster, as do applications that run inside them.
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Parallels Desktop 14 for Mac

Whatever you need Windows for, Parallels is the best tool for the job. This allows you to quickly switch between the Mac and Windows desktops. Virtual machines are complicated, but Parallels makes it reasonably simple to set one up and use it. Parallels costs more since VirtualBox is free and Parallels is not , but there are hundreds of little design touches that help make running Windows within macOS as painless as possible, and that make setting everything up quick and easy.

How Much Does Parallels Cost? Browsing the Parallels website, it can be a little tricky to find out what the product actually costs. This lets you run Parallels on a single Mac. Parallels Desktop Lite can only run Windows virtual machines if you pay for a subscription, however. One more note: If you have a Windows installation CD or USB key handy with a valid license you can use that, otherwise you will need to purchase Windows 10 from Microsoft to create a Windows 10 virtual machine.

Legally speaking, however, you still need a product key to use Windows, even in a virtual machine. The new virtual machine wizard, which launches the first time you open Parallels, makes the process simple. If you select Games only, the virtual machine will be set to use a lot more resources, so only click that if you intend to do serious gaming in the virtual machine which is probably not a great idea. The installation process can take a while, if mechanical hard drives or a DVD is involved.

This is letting you know that Parallels Tools needs to be installed. Installing this lets you move your mouse between macOS and Windows in one swift motion, and also makes it possible to access your Mac files from within Windows.

There are all kinds of examples of this: Moving your mouse to your Windows virtual machine is seamless. Anything you copy to your Windows clipboard can be pasted in Mac apps, and vice-versa.

Change a file in one place and it changes in the other. We could go on: If any of them bother you for any reason, you can change them by shutting the virtual machine down, then clicking the Settings button for it. There are all kinds of other settings we could explore, but this article is only a starting point.

Dive in and experiment.

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Parallels Toolbox 3, a free update for existing users, features three new tools for quickly uninstalling apps, viewing local times in various locations around the world, and revealing files and folders that are normally hidden in macOS. The complete list of new and enhanced features added in Toolbox 3, as outlined in Parallels’ press release: Uninstall Apps: Easily remove applications and their files with a single click for faster removals. World Time: See local times in various locations around the world to save time when working with colleagues globally. Hidden Files:

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Apple Bootcamp and Parallels are both options for running operating systems such as Windows on computers running Mac OS X. These two. Parallels Desktop for Mac is the easiest and most powerful application to run Windows on Mac without rebooting. Order online now at Maybe there’s a program you need for work that doesn’t offer a Mac Whatever you need Windows for, Parallels is the best tool for the job.

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