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And it persists until you take steps to activate your copy of Microsoft Office. In this post, I will be showing how to activate office. And other available options. What is Microsoft Activation Wizard?
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Activation of Microsoft products if you are off campus for long periods

Posted on by guenni [ German ]Microsoft requires a product activation after installing. Users of Microsoft Office currently are facing trouble during telephone activation. Advertising Microsoft describes how to activate Microsoft Office , and Office within this document. There are several possibilities to activate an installed product, via Internet or via Telephone for instance.

Activation by phone is required, if the maximum Internet activation threshold is reached. If a user re-installs Office, the phone activation fails. Microsoft has confirmed this issue for Office users having a non subscriber installation. But also users of Microsoft Office or Microsoft Office are affected.

A blog reader posted a tip: Telefonaktivierung eingestellt? Then a reader pointed me within a comment to a Self Service for Mobile website. The link http: After selecting a 6 or 7 Digits entry, an activation window with numerical buttons to enter the installation id will be shown see screenshots shown below. The user has to enter the installation id and receives the activation id — plain and simple.

Some users commented within my German blog, that this feature works like a charm. Advertising Obscurity, conspiracy, oh my God, what have they done?

I managed to alter the link to direct it to the English Self Service for Mobile language service site. That catches my attention, and I started to investigate the details. Below are the details for the German version of the web site shown in Google Chrome but the English web site has the same issues. Inspecting the details, I found out, the site contains mixed content an image contained within the site was delivered via http. The image flagged in the mixed content issue was the Microsoft logo, shown within the sites header, transferred via http.

I came across Go Daddy during analyzing a phishing campaign months ago. A compromised server, used as a relay by a phishing campaign, has been hosted according to Whois records by Go Daddy.

But my take down notice send to Go Daddy has never been answered. Tying to obtain details about the owner of gointeract. Live Expiry: Jacada Check for ‘gointeract. The Owner OrgName Jacada was unknown to me. Overall, the whole site looks obscure to me. My first conclusion was: Hell, I was tricked by a phishing comment — somebody set up this site to grab installation ids of Office users.

I also tried to contact the user, who has posted the comment, via e-mail. Then I started again a web search, but this time with the keywords Jacada and Microsoft. Google showed several hits, pointing to the site jacada.

It seems that Jacada is a kind of service provider for several customers. But I know, that Microsoft used external services for some activities. Closing words: Security by obscurity? At this point I was left really puzzled. We are not talking about a startup located within a garage. We are having dealing with Microsoft, a multi billion company, that claims to run highly secured and trustable cloud infrastructures world wide. The Office activation via telephone is broken Microsoft confirmed that, after it was reported by customers!

As a customer in need to activate a legal owned, but re-installed, Microsoft Office is facing a nasty situation. Telephone activation is refused, the customers will be wrongly notified, that this option is no longer supported. But we are not finish yet. They are sending links via SMS to this site requesting to enter sensitive data like install ids. A site that is using mixed content via https, and is displaying an activation id.

In my eyes a security night mare. If you have more insights or an idea, or if my assumptions a wrong, feel free, to drop a comment. I will try to reach out and ask Microsoft for a comment about this issue. The 1st link is broken, but another reader see comments below posted the new link https: Similar articles.

Updated Features of Microsoft Office 2016

Waar kan ik Microsoft Office vinden op mijn Dell computer? Microsoft Office apps vindt u in het menu Start, onder de subkop M. U kunt met de rechtermuisknop op een willekeurige Office-applicatie klikken en Aan Start vastmaken selecteren om de applicatie als tegel toe te voegen in het menu Start voor optimale toegankelijkheid. Hoe activeer ik Microsoft Office?

VIDEO: MS Office 2019/2016 KMS Activation

There are multiple Product Activation Centers worldwide. The correct telephone number is based on the product and your location. To start the. Microsoft Licensing Activation Centers worldwide telephone numbers. Find toll and toll-free telephone numbers for worldwide Volume Licensing Activation. Video – Office Activation (Official Dell Tech Support) (English Only) . For more information on Microsoft Accounts and Office, refer to the next section, Note: Office does not support telephone activation, it supports.

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