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Full marks for its low price point too. But, did Sara Simms find it performs well? Mixed in Key is back at it again and this time they’ve brought the DJ community Mashup 2. Mashup 2 is the latest big update to Mashup, Mixed in Key’s best-selling DJ software that allows you to create mashups in five minutes or less. Mashup 2 offers DJs the ability to be more creative with their mashups and create exclusive tracks for their sets using the software’s easy to use ultra-fast audio editor.
mixed in key mashup

Mixed in Key Mashup

That without a DJ manually matching the tempos of two pieces of music, the skill has gone and the doors have been opened for the unwashed masses to trample all over your sacred ground? With this release, the package has come of age, and brings powerful, easy, harmonically matched mashup-making to the masses. Not familiar with the software? Launched a few weeks ago, Mixed In Key Mashup 1.

And we think mashups are it. DJing with turntables is not easy, and making mashups doubly so. Just as sync has brought the ability to have a go at DJing to the masses, Mixed In Key Mashup does the same for making mashups.

Trouble is, if DJing with turntables is hard, making mashups with software is doubly so. You need to sync the tunes ie beatmatch them, just like with DJing. Next you must chop and move bits around so things happen when you want. Software like Ableton Live can do a lot of this for you, but for the average beginner, getting something loaded into a track on Ableton Live is going to take all of your five minutes up, never mind achieving the above.

Mixed In Key Mashup, though, is simple. Really, really simple. To mashups, having that automated is as revolutionary as the sync button was to digital DJing. Just the tools you need and nothing more Mixed in Key 1. Now, with 1. The big addition is cut and paste.

You drag a couple of tunes you want to make a mashup with into the main window. Mixed in Key Mashup advises you first how well they go together harmonically. Best to let your ears decide. Then, you match them up so things start when you want them to. It takes care of all that syncing stuff for you. Mixed In Key Mashup 1. Want to put a full vocal over the intro to a song, repeated eight times? No worries. Want to quadruple the length of the break on song one, add the intro beat from song two, and loop one line of vocal from song three?

It really is just a few clicks. Making mashups is now ridiculously easy for practically anyone. You still need musical knowledge… The sync haters are probably apoplectic now. Yada yada yada. Just as if you give a Traktor Kontrol S4 , a copy of Traktor 2. Of course you need musical ability. Of course you need an ear for what sounds exciting far more important initially than whether tunes match harmonically is whether your idea is, you know, any good — and anyway, Mixed In Key Mashup 1.

And of course such software will encourage those who really ought to think twice to throw caution to the wind and produce utter garbage.

So be it, I say. Cutting and pasting in Mixed In Key Mashup 1. Because the other side of the coin is that, just like with sync, Mixed In Key Mashup 1. Think an old Cure song from the 80s will fit under some dubstep? Try it. Bang it out and see how it sounds. It makes it easy, and in doing so, makes it fun. It positively encourages you to make mashups, just like the sync button positively encourages you to mix two tunes together.

You could always go and read our original Mixed In Key 1. Are you a 1. Or are you one of the purists who thinks this is all sacrilege still here? Please share your thoughts in the comments.


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VIDEO: Mixed In Key Mashup 2.0 Makes DJ Re-Edits Easier Than Ever

Mix between songs using the latest Mixed In Key 5 technology: Combine your favorite songs and make something exciting: iMashup is powerful and gives you . For Episode , we landed an interview with James Araujo of the Mixed In Key marketing team. As the product that has been the leader of the. MASHUP is part of the “Explore Your Creativity” apps recommended by Apple. It’s also the ***** App.

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