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Supposedly, it is the tenth release of the Final Cut Pro series, but it is not a simple new version, in factit has been developed practically from scratch. Over the last ten years, Final Cut Pro has been a benchmark for many users, and this new version has been completely redesigned. This time, Final Cut Pro X runs in bits, with the corresponding increment of performance.
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Installing and editing with Final Cut Pro 7 on a new Macbook Pro with Yosemite

Because it took a couple months of looking into the best way to go about getting Mavericks onto the iMac without losing my Snow Leopard environment, I’ve detailed here both the options I considered and the process I finally took when I did make the upgrade. Since I hadn’t done any sort of partitioning or virtualization before, I wasn’t sure what the best route would be, but I considered these four options: Option 1: Buy an old Mac Mini and install Partition my iMac into two GB partitions and keep Option 3: Install Option 4: The whole process for me to backup my iMac, partition the drive, restore my data, and upgrade to Mavericks took close to three days, but a huge chunk of that was from trial-and-error and moving close to GB of data back and forth between drives.

Here’s the process I took: CCC is intuitive, easy, and works fantastic—I highly recommend it. Once below GB, I tried the partition in Disk Utility and it didn’t work because of an error I didn’t write down which one, but I’ll look for it and note it here. Booted from my internal hard drive to try again. This time the partition froze, so I let it sit for an hour before forcing a restart.

The lesson here is: Seems obvious now but I didn’t know. Anyway, what happens when you restart during a partition is all the space that had been there gets eaten up and hidden away. So I had to go into Disk Utility and erase the free space. Booted again from Snow Leopard install disk to repair the internal HD. The partition cannot be resized. Try reducing the amount of change in the size of the partition.

At this point I finally figured out that the data was fragmented, and the drive would need to be defragmented or erased. Since Macs don’t have an easy way to defrag for reasons I probably would understand if I knew computers a bit better , I opted for erasing.

Again not wanting to risk any data, I created another clone with Carbon Copy Cloner–this time a disk image on my first external drive. This time booting from my Snow Leopard install disk I created two new partitions–the riskiest thing I’ve ever done on my computer as it complete erases the hard drive to create the two GB partitions. It worked instantly! I couldn’t resize them from GB, so the next step was to get my data back onto the iMac, one partition at a time.

I booted from my bootable clone, and copied the clone to each partition, one at a time. Last but not least, I booted from the Mavericks partition and upgraded using the App Store–easiest step of all! Summary of Steps For those of you not wanting to repeat my mistakes hopefully everyone! Back up your data! Boot from your Snow Leopard install disk and open Disk Utility. Create two new partitions, erasing your internal drive completely this is why the backup is so important.

Boot from your bootable clone and copy your data back to each partition. Boot from the partition you want to upgrade to Mavericks and upgrade through the App Store. Conclusion As you can tell, this wasn’t the easiest process for me. But through the trial-and-error—spurred on by a certain amount of fearlessness since I had a good three copies of my data—I finally got my iMac running on the latest version of OSX without losing the option to open and edit all my FCP7 projects.

And I learned a lot about partitioning in the process! I hope this helps anyone else trying the same thing or also attempting their first partition.

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Nor do I have an external one. A photo posted by editblog on Nov 11, at 6: I already had FCP7 installed on that machine but had to do a large part of the cutting on my laptop. It’s running I knew this day was coming so I began by taking the stack of Final Cut Studio 3 install DVDs and making a disk image of them on a hard drive. Just remember to keep your serial numbers.

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FCPHelp. OTHER. Changing from FinalCut 7 to X. You can buy Final Cut Pro X Here. created by calomileFCP Moda community for 7 years., 7 Instant Replay effect, Interframe compression, Last frame overlay, , f L-cut, f Letters, separating, – Light effect. LUTx Free is a Final Cut Pro LUT Loader for easy color grading. The FCPX LUT Loader download offers you the Apply Basic LUT and Apply Camera LUT.

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