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Design Customize Make the layout of EasyWorship 7 work for you. Expand and collapse the Resource Area and schedule items as needed. You can even zoom in and out for customizable preview thumbnails.
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Design Customize Make the layout of EasyWorship 7 work for you. Expand and collapse the Resource Area and schedule items as needed. You can even zoom in and out for customizable preview thumbnails. Collaborate It’s easier than ever to collaborate and manage content with other local users across your organization’s network. Share song lyrics, media, themes and presentations by setting up one or more shared databases, and easily manage it all in the Profiles Manager.

With EasyWorship 7, you can now have multiple lines of text appearing on the “Next” line. Ready to Buy? Use the Presentation Designer to design your worship and sermon slides with transparency, reflections, text outline and bullets.

With Theme Designer, you can design a consistent look and feel for each section of your church service. Whether you’re wanting a more traditional production set-up or you’re wanting to venture into the world of a wireless production team, EasyWorship can fit into your weekly workflow. With EasyWorship, you can! Just use the Video Clip Editor to select the exact clip you want and drag and drop into your service schedule. No need to use conversion or third party codecs.

With EasyWorship’s integrated media store, you can download the media you need right into your software. Alerts are a great way to communicate to your congregation while keeping your church service running smoothly.

When you need to communicate to the people on stage, alerts can also be transmitted to the Stage Display as well. Crazy, huh?! Your Pricing Solution With the added option of purchasing EasyWorship 7 via subscription, we’re making our pricing work for your budget. Whatever your church and budget needs, we have a solution for you with our new pricing options. Check out our pricing page and see which license option fits your needs. Simplify Your Search Whatever you need to search for, EasyWorship’s search function makes your libraries of scripture, media, and songs much more manageable.

You’ll be able to find last minute scripture and add it to the service schedule in a pinch. Or you can organize your media by collections and never have to wonder where your media is. Undo Can’t imagine life without the Undo button? Neither can we. Now you can work with confidence, and even be a little creative, knowing that your last design is just a click away. Color Your Songs Keep everyone on the same page! Your volunteers will feel confident with color-coordinated worship slides for each song.

No more wondering where the chorus ends and the verse begins. Let EasyWorship 7 keep you even more organized. Your one-stop shop for all your layering needs. Now, you can layer text over a lower-thirds motion in a live feed, or any other combination you need!

And you can do all of this without large Pro Res files. Join Now! Thank you for joining! Your exceptional media should be arriving soon. About Our Company EasyWorship began as a software solution for churches to amplify the worship experience from the sound booth to the stage. From bringing you the best church presentation software, worship media and customer support we can offer, we purpose to do everything with excellence and bring glory to God. Create the service you want with stunning backgrounds for worship and eye-catching sermon videos from our media store.

Advance your worship technology with software that works with you and for you. Integrate EasyWorship into your service workflow and watch it become an integral part of your production team.

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Software Review Media-rich worship and sermon presentation software with several resources EasyWorship puts media-rich presentation making at your fingertips. With just a few mouse clicks, you can drag and drop your favorite Bibles, worship lyrics and background images with ease. With EasyWorship, you can effectively organize and retrieve all of your stored media. You can even create custom video clips from any DVD using the DVD editor, which makes it easy for you to enliven your presentations. That also lets you control the volume and pause and replay as needed.

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Compatible with PowerPoint, OpenSong, OpenLP, EasyWorship, EasySlides, MediaShout, Download agenda file between home/church PCs. Lyrics and video of sda hymnal download | sda hymnal pdf | sda hymnal app download watch and download sda hymnal download | sda hymnal pdf | sda. The installation of this free 30 day trial will replace any existing versions of EasyWorship on your computer. Your data (songs, media, etc.) will be kept and.

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