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Mon Oct 06, 4: Originally posted by hux: I’m trying to evaluate a potential purchase of Cinema4D for my office and I’m a bit hazy on the licensing and usage side of things.

I can’t find all the info I need from the official site partly because it doesn’t seem to be there and partly because some of what I need to know is more about user experience , so I thought I’d ask the hive mind.

So, a couple of questions: Any insight you can provide on this will really help. I’m a C4d user and I think it is a great application. Your questions: Standard licensing allows you to install the net render client on as many machines as you want. The “control” computer hands out rendering tasks to the net render clients.

You can install multiple copies, but only one can be active at any given time. As I recall, it is within the terms of the license. I believe they do “per-user” licensing, rather than “per-seat” licensing. You get a temp. So long as you keep track of that permanent code, you can re-install or move your install with no hassle. Again, there was no activation in Release 9. I don’t know if that has changed in the newer releases, but I doubt it. A few more things. C4D is “modular” make sure you get the licenses for the modules that you want, or spring for a package that has everything you’d like.

I’m using it for architectural rendering, so I wanted Sketch and Toon and the Advanced Render modules. I had to pay extra for those over the “basic” package. If you have any specific questions, PM me, I’ll do my best to answer.

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The Key to Ultimate Photorealism Cinema 4D’s wide range of render options deliver fast and beautiful results thanks to their linear workflow, support for color profiles, multiple processors, HyperThreading and Multi-Core technology. The built-in Advanced Renderer is a professional tool for creating outstanding images and animations, ranging from standard 2D and 3D to stereoscopy. Its Multi-Pass rendering allows you to easily render color, shadow, reflection, and other effects to individual files. Multiple object-based alpha channels make it easy to layer elements with other 2D and 3D assets.

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