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By John Walden Don’t let its low price fool you: If you’ve been around computer-based music making for any length of time, you’ll know that the world is not short of virtual synths. Do we really need another one? Sonic Academy obviously think so, having launched ANA. So, given the budget price, how well does ANA actually perform?
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ANA Sounds Vol 1

Top 15 VST Synthesizers in my projects The Riser Price: It comes with enough presets to give you idea’s and it is really simple to record different variations.

I love how simple it is to controll pitch, filter cutoff, volume and modulation through envelopes which can give you perfectly timed rising sounds. U-he Hive Price: A great looking user Interface which is simple to use, capable of producing powerful sounds and comes with great presets to get going in no time. I find it a little tricky when it comes to programming arps in the sequencer section, which is probably the only down side for me, but other than that it is an amzing synth.

Razor Price: I haven’t used it much yet, but it is a great additive synthesizer capable of producing amazing sounds. Razor has some very unique modulation capabilities. It could take some time to learn how to use the modulation options properly but worth getting stuck in. This synth runs in Reaktor or Reaktor Player.

Waves Element 2 Price: I wasn’t too keen on it at first but it has started to grow on me. It has a nice clean interface, and all the usuall analogue controls and modulation matrix. It also has a great arpegiator section which is very easy to use and easy to program good arp patterns. Definitley worth that price! Z3TA 2 Price: I always loved the arpegiators and the thick sounds it generates. The UI is clean and easy to use and still has so much to offer.

It has a great modulation matrix, but quite difficult to program good complex modulation patterns. A Price: A is a great anologue synth at a very cheap price.

It has some great presets, beautiful UI. I love it’s filter section and graphical envelopes. Spire Price: I love the UI design and it’s simplicity.

I find it is really good for short pluck sounds and great sounding leads Buy from Reveal Sound 8: Trillian Good old Trillian is almost an always first choice for a nice, thick sounding Progressive Psy Trance bass. I was always a big fan of the Trillagy, Trillian’s previous version, but only upgraded to Trillian about 2 years ago. The Trillian is more on the expensive side, so only affordable if you have the budget, but definitley a great investment for any studio.

Omnisphere Omnisphere is another nice to have synth. I’m still learning how to use it and I’ve already had it for more than a year. Anther great investment for all studio’s if you have the budget. These are models of classic synths, the Repro 1 being monohohonic and the Repro 5, polyphonic.

The Repro’s have all the analogue controls and very clean UI. A very reasonably priced package for 2 great synths of quality. I have used it once and already amazed at it’s capabilities and UI. Right from my first use I managed to create a great thick sounding, psychedelic acid synth. No doubt I will be using this synth a lot more in my projects. It has up to 8 Oscillator modules, 1 of them reserved solely for supersaw, my favourite waveform.

Retrologue 2 Price: I use Retrologue at least 2 or 3 times in all my projects and always create sweet analogue buzzing sounds. If you don’t use Cubase, this synth is definitely worth looking into for your collection. Syleth1 Price: A classic VST so powerful and simple to use. I still use the sylenth many times in all my projects and I can always count on sylenth to output a true analogue sound. This is a must have synth for every producer. Serum Price: Everyone who has it loves it and it is really growing on me now that I have learned to use it fairly well.

Serum is a wavetable synth and has a great collection of different waveforms to play with. Serum can produce amazing sounds and effects, I especially love making zappy lazer sounds with it. Another must have synth for every producer. Thorn Price: I was amazed after the first 5 minutes of using it. The sound quality is great and I love the UI. Most of all I love the filters on this synth. Thorn offers a Harmonic filter feature which produces a very unique sounds.

Thorn is somewhere in the middle between Sylenth and Serum.

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For uninterrupted full album playback, you should temporarily turn off “Screen Lock” in your settings. Plenty of everything, and a large modulation matrix caters for some very complex possibilities. And ANA does deliver some wildly unpredictable sounds and soundscapes when clicking the Random button. You can lift some elements from the randomizing function, and thus narrow down your sound creation to making variations of what you have. After experimenting with my own randomizing editor system, I feel that ANA is not always generating random sounds the way I want them — which is a bit contradictory, really. But with certain other synths e.

VIDEO: Review | ANA 2 by Sonic Academy

the Poly-Ana always makes its way into synth articles. not seen it mentioned as much on gs though. but i would love a go on that custom. Sonic Academy ANA v Overview. We believe that a great sounding main synth is key to great sounding productions but for too long these. Sonic Academy · Manufacturer site. ANA comes with three OSC types: analog, advanced noise, and attack containing waveform shapes. Synthesizer.

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